Commissions involve some or all of the following garden design services:

Initial consultation

All clients start with this service.

I get a feel for the site and understand what the clients hope to achieve with their garden. This enables me to put together a written design brief with a fixed price quote for producing plans.

The client is then completely clear how much the garden design phase will cost and what the garden design will cover. I also discuss ideas and show examples of my work at the consultation to help clarify what is required.

It is always helpful if clients have pictures from books or magazines which inspire them.

Garden Design Service

The garden design phase goes through the following stages

1- Survey

  • Measuring the garden such that a scale plan can be produced.
  • Taking levels if required. For large gardens on different levels a professional surveyor may need to be employed.
  • Analysing the site conditions such as soil type, aspect, screening requirements etc.
  • Taking photos so that I can see the garden from all angles when back in the office.

2- Outline plans

I then work on producing an outline plan. This takes into account all of the clients requirements, along with the information gathered during the survey. This will be accompanied with 3D sketches. I arrange a meeting with the client to discuss these outline plans, and make any alterations as necessary.

3- Final plans

The final plans will then be drawn up, including a detailed planting list. There will be a specification for the landscaping elements, and construction drawings can be produced if required. I arrange a meeting with the client to present a colour copy of the plan and discuss how the project moves forward. Some clients build the garden themselves, perhaps in phases. Alternatively I can provide recommendations for contractors or a client can arrange their own contractor.

Project Monitoring

When a contractor is building the garden I usually provide a project monitoring service to ensure that the garden remains true to the original plan.

Supply and planting of plants

I can save time and effort for clients by supplying quality plants and planting them if required.


Garden design consultancy can be provided at an hourly rate to cover design or maintenance of existing gardens.